Decent Software


Opinionated list of sysadmin/development software that is/has:

  1. Minimal configuration: software should work after a new user spending less than 5 minutes configuring/fixing it
  2. Secure
  3. Self hosted
  4. Convenient: e.g. you can technically browse the web from your terminal, but it's not convenient
  5. Already installed on Unix systems
  6. Cross-platform
  7. Small

in that order.


Mainstream Alternative Comments
Backups rsync  
File sharing sftp  
Firewall ufw let's be honest, iptables is not usable
General purpose language go cause cross-compilation
JSON csv  
MediaWiki cmark  
Offline reading chromium print to pdf  
PDF reader chromium cause sandboxing
Package manager pkgsrc wide platform support
Password manager chown, chmod and sudo cat cause if someone has root access you're already screwed
Scripting language /bin/sh  
Server dashboard cockpit  
Static site generator cmark  
Text editor mg  
VPN wireguard  
ansible /bin/sh + ssh  
apache busybox httpd  
bash ash  
chrome chromium big but SECURITY
coreutils busybox  
docker chroot only for trusted software, otherwise cockpit-machines
git cvs  
glibc musl  
make bmake  
man-db mandoc  
perl awk  
qbittorrent transmission-daemon  
selinux chmod  
sudo doas  
systemd openrc used in alpine and gentoo
virtualbox cockpit-machines